Poker Angle Shots I Have Witnessed : My own experience

Poker Angle Shots

Poker angle shots I have witnessed.
1. The drunk?

It’s about three am on a Saturday night at Bally’s in Atlantic City. I have been playing in the poker game for about 8 hours. The game was a $1 – $3 no limit poker game. The game is starting to get thin with players as normally happens around this time. Management will usually start to combine games around this time. Seven players in the game and it is still juicy and deep stacked. In comes a player putting on a great act. He is disheveled, smells like booze and is acting drunk. He pulls out all crumpled money and throws it on the table. I believe it was $288. Everyone is licking their chops at the “donkey”. I have seen this move before and know the player. check my poker angle shots experience.

In one of the first few hands he sloppily pushes all his chips in the pot pre flop. Another player calls weak with an Ace Ten. Basically calling thin because he is underrating this player. The acting drunk flips over Ace King and doubles up. This happens again pre flop and on the flop. Each time he has a strong hand and doubles up. In about two hours he cashes out with about $1200. Not drunk just shooting an angle. I put this poker angle shots in the gray area and may try it sometime.

2. Watching a game.

This is one angle shot that is used over and over again. Additionally I have seen many poker players fall for it. A poker player acts uninterested in the hand and waits until a dealer or another player tells them it’s there turn. Then of course they raise. STAY AWAY!

3. Showing cards.

I am playing in a $1 – $3 no limit hold em poker game. I am not in this particular hand. Three players are in the hand when the third diamond comes on the river. The player in the last position lifts his cards so half the table can see them and loudly says “can you believe this shit”, then throws his hand down. He is portraying the flush hurt him. When actually he it the nut flush. The first player bets the second calls and he says I have to go, I’m all in, gets one caller then another. He would have not gotten any action if not for that angle shot.

4. Eyes wide open.

This is an angle shot I put in the gray area and I use. Many players flash one card or both cards. If I do not move my head, just my eyes, and I see a card or two that’s more information for me. I will use it 90% of the time. Another angle by keeping your eyes open you can see a player who sits across the table when they will muck there cards. If a man is 6′ 4″ or above I notice when they muck there cards they flip there cards high and you can see the bottom card. Mostly whether it was a face card or not, but sometimes an ace.

5. Lies are moral at the poker table.

He is a basic poker angle shots that I thought might be interesting. A four card straight comes on the board 2-3-4-5. The angle shooter bets out a little over pot and says it’s a straight I guess a split. The novice calls and flips over his Ace. Of course the angle shooter has a six.

6. The house allowed this won, shocking!

This one is easy to read through. Pre flop a player throws in an extra chip, normally a five. He will say something like, “I didn’t mean that”. The raise is small but he has a big hand and doesn’t want to chase many people out in case he hits the flop. Keep your eye out for that one and play it accordingly.

I am playing poker at Bally’s in Las Vegas. About two hours into the session I get lucky on a good player. I limp under the gun with QQ. A middle position player raises to 8 four other callers and the big blind brings it to $30. I figure he is on a steal and I reraise to $130. A middle position player goes all in.

I pegged him as a good player. My thinking was that he thought I was on a steal (or resteal) as it was, and he would steal the pot, which was about $200. I thought for a while and called. He said, “Oh you limped with AA’s”. I said no and flipped over my QQ’s, he of course had KK’S. Then he makes a comment about my play. I thought it through and was OK with it even though I was dominated. Then the magical flop comes KQQ. I flopped quads to his full house. I got lucky, it happens. The villain is boiling and I am his target.

A couple more hours go by and I am staying away from him, as I know he will be trying to trap me with a garbage hand. Then he shoots the worst poker angle shots I ever saw a casino allow someone to get away with. My stack is about $1,000 and he has $300. He has AA and whispers something to the player next to him then goes all in. The other player has $300 and calls with 7 5.

The chips are shipped to the villain and he hands $300 in cash to his co-conspirator. Basically they where a team to get the villains stack up to where he could be a threat to me. I brought it up to the dealer and pit boss but they do nothing. That’s what happens when you’re not a local. So know I will not enter a pot against the villain and get up an hour later.

7. The fake fold.

You can see the players in front of you are about to fold but you would like a call. So you put your cards on your index and middle finger as you are looking to fold and flick them in the much. Then call or raise. It won’t make much noise as I see it quite frequently

8. Showing cards to the table.

I was playing poker with a regular who has a lot of moves. He originally sat two seats to my left. I don’t like that because he is aggressive, he knows I like him on my right. A seat on my right opened and he moved there. We both try to stay out of each other’s way for the most part. He pulled a variation on an angle shot that I had seen him make before. He has the nut straight with AK on the river and shows me his cards, then says to the opponent I think you are trying to steal this pot. The other guy says you have a straight, but he called anyway.

9. The players flip over.

A player holds the first card dealt to him with his thumb and fingers on opposite side of the cards. He likes his first card. The second card is dealt and he lifts it with the first card and quickly flips it over and exposes it because he doesn’t like it. No other player and the dealer does not notice so he gets a new card. The rule clearly states you only get a new card on dealer error not player. This is a black move that I would not use.

10. Opposite end of the table conclusion.

Two players that know each other and sit ant the opposite end of the table. They act like they don’t know each other. When one of the players is in a hand the other one chats it up with players around him. Trying to get information on the cards he held to his accomplice listens gets the information.

11. The Phony ipod.

You sit at the table with your ear buds on but the ipod is off and you can listen to the whole table. Just remember to ignore all conversation.

12. Donkey clothing.

This can be done many ways. Wearing a pokerstars hat, pokerstars shirt and carrying a pokerstars backpack will do it. It can be said with fulltilt wear. The other players will think you are a poker geek. To get away with this move you must play many hands.

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